My love of design started at an early age. I always wanted to wear something different, and adapted my own clothes, and I loved it when people liked and commented on what I’d created.

Evening sewing classes were just the beginning for me. Soon I set up a sewing studio at home, developing my skills further and producing my own creations.

I am a womenswear designer, first and foremost. Preferring to play with texture and pattern, my collections are inspired by a love of colour and a desire to be unique and above all, fun.

Beginning my career as a graphic designer, my advanced CAD skills – particularly in AdobePhotoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – give my work structure and modernity, and are a hugely beneficial head start for my designing process.

Designing digital prints and using creative pattern cutting to bring my shapes to life is a passion I discovered from an early age. Picking my cues from the stylish silhouettes of the 1960s fashion era, my focus is playful fashion that’s as wearable as it is exciting. My muse is Mary Quant; I find endless inspiration from her bold prints and iconic, original styles.

I am now looking to fulfil my ambitions in the fashion industry of becoming an successful designer. Working for an established fashion brand where I can gain unparalleled experience and be inspired by people whose work I admire is where I see my career unfolding. I want to make a positive impact within a company that is moving forward and making a difference in Fashion.